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photo by Paul Waters
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, the distinguished leader of the Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives, greeting a celebrant after the interfaith commemoration during the 2011 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday celebration at Yerba Buena. Leader Pelosi delivered stirring words on King and peace during the events.

Since 2011, each third Monday in January northern Californians of every age, background and walk of life experience a full day of free festivities in honor of Dr. King at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Yerba Buena Gardens.
As one of the world’s leading regions and an important civil and human rights location, this legacy of reflection and celebration continues by honoring our past and embracing the future through the creation of new programs and event themes.
On January 20, 2014, thousands of celebrants will come together for a full day of exciting programs, festivals and activities in honor of Dr. King. And, through our multi-platform media outlets via broadcast, print, online and social, MLK2014 will extend to over six million regional residents as well as national and international audiences.

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